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Patagonia is the southernmost portion of South America mostly in Argentina and partly in Chile made up of the Andes mountains to the west and south and plateaux and low plains to the east.

The Argentine portion of Patagonia includes the provinces of Neuquén, Río Negro, Chubut, Santa Cruz, and Tierra del Fuego, as well as the southern tips of the provinces of Buenos Aires, Mendoza and La Pampa. In general this means that to the east of the Andes, it lies south of the Neuquén River and Colorado rivers.

The Chilean portion embraces the southern part of the region of Los Lagos, and the regions of Aysen and Magallanes. In general this means that to the west of the Andes, the line is made up by the mark of the 39°S line and everything south from this line, excluding the Chiloé Archipelago. Also the Antarctic portions of these two countries are not part of Patagonia.

Although, cold, windy and rainy, Patagonia still draws visitors to see it’s amazing geography and natural wildlife. Visitors can hike round the amazing granite towers in Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, hike on the Perito Moreno Glacier, climb the Fitzroy Mountains or watch the Magellanic Penguins in their natural habitat. Peninsula Valdez is one of the other features with many seals, sea lions and seasonal whale watching.

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